John Bruce: Go to the Gym

Hello many I would like to tell you a great experience I had recently, today I went to the gym to do my daily training, as I always do, I walked like any day to the weight zone, and woww depronto, I saw a very handsome boy wearing a coach uniform, he saw me and greeted me kindly, and I was very warm inside just taking his hand to greet him, so I decided to establish a conversation about training, since this day he trained leg, I started telling him to put on a good squats routine with a considerable weight, and of course asking him for help, he helped me to do squats from the back, and I could feel him going down as his cock rose my ass, and see it was hard, that sensation was delicious, after a very hot workout, measured the bathroom like all the days to take a shower and maybe masturbate, while I played he joined me to the shower, I started sucking my cock, and then my ass, ufff was the icious, despes we had wild sex that experience so delicious.

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