Davy Johnson: A New Experience

Ever since I’ve watched porn for the first time…being the snobby, horny little guy, who was going through puberty, I’ve always wondered what it was like being an adult entertainer. I always thought that you had to have some sort of skills or hook up to be successful in the business.As it turns out, everything I thought was wrong…with the exception of it being fun. That, it is.So here i am, 16 years later, finally trying it out for the first time. I never actually thought I would be doing it in my life. First thought that ran through my mind as I was getting ready for my first show was, “Damn….and I thought I was raised to a better expectation than this.”That quickly changed within the first 10 minutes after I started the show. So now I’m here saying to myself, “Let’s see where this goes.”….because, why not.

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