Dec 05

Wank on Toilet

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Dec 05

Tai Bronzebuilt: Halloween Cummings

Hey, so I have been to the bookstore around Halloween and got some luck there. Its was pretty hot but it would have been better if I were to go to a sex orgy party. I get better luck there than at the bookstore because most of the guys was not my cup of tea. I went with the flow depends on how horny I was and whether or not I was feeling him. I got some loads and gave loads too and cum back for more because I was just so horny as fuck all day. I was hoping some ladies would be at the bookstore to get sucked, lick and fuck their pussies. I was so in the mood for some hot women there too, but maybe one with a guy came together and she was not my type, but should have went for it anyway. But what bothers me is that these guys like to hit on me that I am not interested in and just trying too hard to get in my pants. Other than that, I just founds some interesting people to fuck and cum with for some hot action and good times.

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